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Instant PAN through Aadhaar Card – How to apply for instant PAN?




Income Tax has
launched the facility of issuing Instant PAN card through Aadhaar. This
facility is free and available on the Income Tax e-filing website. It is a
completely paperless process with the issuance of e-PAN card nearly real-time.
The e-PAN card issue via this method holds similar value as a physical PANcard. This card contains a QR code. QR code holds complete information about
PAN card such as Name of the holder, DOB, Father’s name as well as biometric.
In order to get Instant PAN card all you need is Aadhaar card and linked mobile

This facility is
introduced to ease the process of the PAN card issue. It is inline with the
Budget 2020 announcement of issuance of instant PAN card online. In this post.

Download Automated Income Tax Revised Form 16 Part A&B for the
Financial Year 2019-20 in Excel Format
[ This Excel Utility can prepare at a time 50 Employees Form 16Part A&B in Revised Format ]

What is
Aadaar based Instant PAN Card?

instant PAN allotment service is to allot PAN on a nearly real-time basis. You
just need to input your Aadhaar number which is issued by UIDAI. This Aadhaar
card should not be linked with any other PAN. On submission of Aadhaar e KYC
details will be verified with UIDAI and Income Tax database for the issuance of
Instant PAN card. As this PAN card is generated in electronic format it is also
known as e-PAN card.

e-PAN card is
generated in PDF format. If your Aadhaar is linked with e-mail ID you will also
get an e-mail about the issuance of e-PAN. It is a free facility available on
the e-filing portal of Income Tax.

Download Automatic Income Tax Revised Form 16 Part B for the
Financial Year 2019-20
[ This Excel Utility can prepare at a time 50 employeesRevised Form 16 Part B ]

for using this facility

  1. The applicant should have a valid Aadhaar which
    is not linked to any other PAN.
  2. The applicant should have his mobile number
    registered with Aadhaar.
  3. It is a paperless process and applicants are not
    required to submit or upload any documents.
  4. The applicant should not have another PAN.

How to
Apply for Instant PAN?

The step by step
process to apply for Instant PAN card is given below.

  • Visit the e-Filing website of the Income-tax
    department. (www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in)
  • On the left navigation, you will find the
    link- ‘Instant PAN
    through Aadhaar’
  • On the next screen click the link- Get New PAN.
  • Fill up your Aadhaar in the space provided,
    enter the captcha and click on the checkbox confirm. It is a confirmation
    that you are not holding another PAN card and you are accepting terms and

 You will receive an OTP on the registered
Aadhaar mobile number. Validate OTP by submitting it in the text box on
the webpage.

  • Your Aadhaar details will be validated. You will
    be asked to enter the e-mail ID (optional).
  • On the submission, an acknowledgement number
    will be generated. Please keep this acknowledgment number for future
  • This acknowledgment number will also be sent to
    the mobile number and e-mail address for the reference. 

How to
Download PAN? 

Follow the steps
given below to download PAN from Income Tax website.

  • To download PAN, please go to the e-Filing
    website of the Income Tax department. (www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in)
  • On the left navigation click on the link- ‘Instant PAN through Aadhaar’.
  • Click on the link- ‘Check Status/ Download PAN’.
  • Enter the Aadhaar number in the space provided
    and captcha code. Click on the submit button. The OTP will be sent to the
    Aadhaar registered mobile number.

 Validate OTP by entering the same. On the next
page, you will be able to check the status of your application along with
information on whether PAN is allotted or not.

  • If PAN is allotted, click on the download link
    to get a copy of the e-PAN pdf.


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